Monument Frisco

Monument Headquarters and Frisco Office Location

Monument's Support Staff On-site

Besides being our Frisco office, Monument Frisco is also home to our incredible team of Support Staff. From educational experts here to help you stay up to date on credits and training, to our on-site Marketing staff ; we are proud to be able to offer everything you need to help your business thrive.

Agent Development

Our Agent Development programs allow you to grow with a group of your peers and become the best agent you can be.

Accessible office and Desk Space

Monument Frisco is proud to provide ample space for you to work from. Tables, booths and desks are located on site for agent use.

Surrounded By History

Thank to our location at the Star In Frisco, you're surrounded by NFL history before you even park. Make sure to take a minute to explore all the Dallas Cowboys history around the area.

Monument's DNA

"The heart of Monument" is how Angela Aguilar describes the Frisco office. Serving as the original headquarters of Monument, it has been the driving force behind Monument's growth and success. Located in the Star in Frisco, the HQ is the perfect mid point from every DFW metro area. "We’re the heart," Aguilar notes, emphasizing the critical role Frisco plays in setting the tone and standard for the entire company.

Angela Aguilar
Frisco Office Lead

Office Gallery