Spotlight on Dallas: Dynamic and Thriving

In the heart of Dallas, Monument Realty has established a dynamic and thriving office led by the spirited Taylor Black. With the office doors opening on September 22nd, Taylor stepped into the role of office leader in April, and in just four months, she has overseen the impressive growth of a team of 100 agents. Monument Realty Dallas is not your typical Real Estate office; it embraces a youthful exuberance that sets it apart both within the real estate industry and beyond.

"Our office is different; we try to have fun along with our workday," Taylor shared, "This is not only because of our agents, but we have young at heart agents. We thrive on creativity and new ways of doing things, and I think that’s partially because we’re in Dallas, we have that city vibe. We try to stand out creatively and have more fun because our agents like to have fun, and they love to be in the city of Dallas."

With Dallas being a city of diverse boroughs and neighborhoods, Monument Realty Dallas boasts an extensive coverage of the area. From the trendy districts of Knox and Uptown to the charming charm of M Streets and the artistic flair of Bishop Arts, their presence spans across the city's various facets. However, what particularly excites Taylor and her team is the tremendous growth happening in South Dallas.

"South Dallas has so many opportunities, especially in the Trinity Groves and Bishop Arts areas," Taylor explains. "Tons of agents are working in Oak Cliff and Bishop Arts, and we're witnessing massive amounts of growth in Dallas and South Dallas. The region is filled with a mix of condos, townhouses, and beautifully preserved historic houses."

Griggs Park *photo courtesy of Uptown Dallas inc*

Beyond the business success, the office culture at Monument Realty Dallas is a testament to the power of positivity and groupthink. "We're a group of friends working to help all our agents create careers and legacies," Taylor proudly states. "Our goal is to build up these agents, helping them achieve generational wealth and take care of themselves. We want to be more than just colleagues; we’re a family that supports one another through every step of the journey."

When asked about the positive environment that has made the Dallas office a shining example  Taylor stated,"The agents that spend time here benefit the most from the office. There's a sense of belonging, a sense of community. Real estate can be a lonely world, so the office and myself are there to help tell people they’re great and you’re loved and doing great."

As a leader, Taylor embodies a perfect blend of inspiration and pragmatism. "I try to lead with love, friendship, and guidance," she shares. "I also am very much like, if you want advice and you want me to help you, I want you to go do it. If we want to dream big, DO IT. Let’s make a plan and go do it. People dream but then get up and walk away without it. I want the next step. Accountability. Let’s make that dream happen."

Taylor's dedication to her team's success stems from her own journey in the real estate world. "I want to give my agents what I didn't have when I first started," she says earnestly. "In the beginning I had to learn my career off Google. I started in apartment leasing and sales, so I learned about the hustle and the struggle. When you're starting, you should always have the hustle, but not the struggle. I want to take that to the bigger picture, ensuring my team never feels alone in their careers; never feels the struggle.”

Staying connected with her agents on a personal level is vital to Taylor. "I keep reminding them I’m here to help. I might be busy, but I’m here to give you the help that you need!" she assures. "Gentle reminders that I’m always here for you. It can be easy for agents who have questions to feel lost, so I want to sit down and figure out why they have this question and what the answer is. Being a resource and just saying you’re a resource are totally different. Being a resource means utilizing the other resources that you have. We all have niches in real estate, and one thing really important to me as an office leader is to find the people in my team that specialize in every area so if I don’t know something, I can point them in the right direction."

Looking into the future, Taylor envisions a bright path for Monument Realty Dallas. "I want us to grow, but not just with anyone; I want us to grow with like-minded individuals," she affirms. "People that fit our 3 P’s who also enjoy the light-heartedness, and love for one another. I want to grow with people that want to be a part of our family. Once people know what we’re about and our name gets out there even more, I think people will flock to us.”

Monument Dallas is just getting started with their summer calendar though, and are on the cusp of two huge events. Monument will help sponsor the Katy Trail 5K coming up on September 7th with a hydration station for runners and participants and will be on site to help provide any information on Monument to anyone interested. 

Photo Courtesy of The Katy 5K

Then just in time for the Texas heat to cool down, they are honored to sponsor a local favorite tradition in Uptown Dallas, the Griggs Park Movie Nights. Nestled in the beautiful Griggs park in between the State Thomas neighborhood, movies will be projected onto a massive inflatable screen, and your favorite Dallas real estate team will be there helping make sure the event is a success. You don’t want to miss either of these events. 

Monument Realty Dallas stands as an example of what can happen when you mix enthusiasm and innovation in the real estate industry. Under the leadership of Taylor Black, the office thrives on a culture of positivity, support, and creativity, making it a place where agents can truly flourish and achieve their best self. As they continue to grow and share their unique approach, Monument Realty Dallas is poised to make a lasting impact on the Dallas real estate landscape. The legacy they are building is not only in properties and transactions but in the growth and happiness of their team—a testament to what really what sets them apart.