Spotlight on Ft. Worth

Monument Realty's expansion into Fort Worth has been nothing short of remarkable. Two years ago, in July, the Monument Ft. Worth journey began with just two individuals—Michael Hoover and Sara O'Canna. Today, the Fort Worth office stands proud with over 150 agents, a testament to their rapid growth and success. 

Michael Hoover, Ft. Worth’s Office Leader, attributes their success to the unique culture and reputation they've built. "Our leadership is well known in the area, and we all have servant hearts, making ourselves available to our agents," says Hoover. The emphasis on availability, coupled with a commitment to training, support, and care, sets Monument Realty's Fort Worth office apart.

The recent opening of a new office location in The 701 Building on Magnolia reflects Monument Realty's commitment to standing out. Hoover shares, "We wanted to be in the heart of culture for South Side Fort Worth. The 701 Building is a beautiful new gem, blending industrial design with our western touch, making it stand out from the rest."

As Office Leader, Hoover enjoys playing a part in the daily successes of the team and the unique real estate experience Monument offers. "Monument is very different than traditional brokerages," he says. His leadership style is characterized by genuine care, openness, and availability. "I love to see the light turn on when someone applies what they have learned. Even experienced agents grow."

Best Neighborhoods in Fort Worth
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In a world where staying connected is crucial, Monument Realty fosters engagement through various events, from happy hours to training sessions. "Agents succeed when they are around others who are successful," Hoover says. His mantra, "Wake Up, Dress Up, and Show Up!" encapsulates the philosophy of being open to growth.

Being on the "western" side of the metroplex, the Fort Worth office has introduced a unique  “western” tradition—the Buckle and Branding Banquet. This year-end awards ceremony sees top producers earning custom-made authentic silver buckles or hot iron-branded cowhide framed plaques. It's just one of the many ways Monument Ft. Worth strives to be different.

Reflecting on the past, Hoover shares joy in seeing teams and accountability groups grow in Fort Worth. Looking ahead, he envisions continuing to be a part of the office's success. "Long term, I can see myself on some blue water somewhere dropping a line," he muses.

Monument Realty's Fort Worth office, under Michael Hoover's leadership, stands as a reminder of what, innovation and a commitment to fostering a culture of growth and can do in the world of Real Estate. The journey continues, with a promising future on the horizon.